Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year, More Art

Hey! Long time, no?

Sooooo......I have some new pieces up at Uncommon Grounds in Saratoga this month and next, with my friend Mike Conlin from Straight Crooked. Mike is an awesome designer and old school sign painter, so be sure to check out his stuff because it's surely unique to the area. Right now he is working on some murals at 42 Degrees in Glens Falls and also Spot Coffee in Saratoga. As for me, I have a couple series of new little paintings that I will be showing at Uncommon Grounds and other various places between now and May. Some of them look like this:

And some of them look like this:

And some of them might even look like this:
All of these are for sale in the 100-dollar range, so hit me up, holla, IM, PM, txt, get at me, fax, phone, or yell at me if you're interested in the goods. Until then, keep it awesome!


Matt Dority said...

Benj! These are really excellent. I would so buy these.

Benj said...

Thanks Matt!