Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is another piece on display at the Sixes & Sevens show in Rochester. Hotheaded is for sale and ready to heat up your living room! Hope you all are having a great start to Spring.

Stop...Hammer time!

Hotheaded | 14" x 48" | $300

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sixes & Sevens Opening

Belinda and I took the journey out to Rochester last Friday for the Sixes & Sevens opening reception and it was a lot of fun, with a really good turnout.

Tony's stuff looked awesome, I think our stuff really complemented each other.

Me, Erich and Tony.

No. 3 For Here | 16" x 48" | SOLD
Dog 2000 | 16" x 48" | SOLD
Fantoastic | 16" x 48" | SOLD

Tough as Leather | 24" x 6" | $240

LinkLet's Make it Happen | 24" x 6" | $240

Totally Goin' for it | 24" x 6" | $240

The opening reception was a really fun time and it was completely worth making the 3-1/2 hour drive both ways that night. Thanks so much to Erich for putting on a great event and promoting the upstate art scene, Tony for banging out some killer work and agreeing to show with me, thanks to Lee for providing a great space that is sure to host more great events, and thanks to Nate and Angie for helping document the night, and Belinda for always being supportive of my painting, taking some pictures, helping me make the drive. Also thanks to cheese, grapes and cupcakes for helping feed everyone that night.

People have been letting me know that they enjoy the email updates, but just a reminder that this blog has a permanent home at so you can always check back here to see all of the previous posts. Keep on truckin'.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Day in the Rock

I spent the day in Rochester yesterday, hanging the Sixes & Sevens show with Erich. Erich was a trooper, he had literally just pulled in from a night in DC and was ready to go.

Erich laying it down.

I was totally stoked to see some of Tony's new work too. The last thing I saw of his was an old muffler with a funny face painted on it, and that was like ten years ago.

Anyway, below are some previews of some of my stuff. I have 23 paintings in this show, and all are for sale. If you like French Fries and soda, I have a painting for you! Or maybe you like grumpy alien robots with scuba gear.

Get Totally Awesome | 16" x 48" | SOLD

No. 3 For Here | 16" x 48" | SOLD

Girl 1 | 8" x 10" | SOLD

Girl 2 | 8" x 10" | SOLD

Girl 3 | 8" x 10" | SOLD

If you happen to be in the greater Rochester area this Friday, please come check out the opening! I plan on wearing jeans without holes in them, so it really should be a special night.

Who Wants Some | 14" x 48" | $250

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, contact Erich through the gallery's website - The show will be up until the very end of May. Thanks so much to Erich and Leigh for setting this show up, and also thanks so Nate Pallace for coming in and taking pictures while we hung. I am totally geared up for getting down.