Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stoked on Stoked

The Stoked 2 silent deck art auction at Art OMI was a big success. I was really impressed with the effort and enthusiasm people had for their projects, the event, and the proposed skatepark in Chatham.

I liked this guy Chris Stain's deck. Combo stencil, spraypaint and screenprinting.

I also liked my friend Ryan Blessing' bird deck.

And speaking of birds, this person made a birdhouse. Super creative...Lots of people were into this one. Photo: Jamie Kennard

And there's mine up top, giving love (and art) a bad name. Ha.

Jamie and Tracy came out from Woodstock! Always awesome to see these kids.

And the organizers - Mr. Kris Qua (L) and Shari Franks (R). Can't thank them enough for the opportunity and for throwing such an awesome gathering.

Here are a few pieces I did about a year ago...These are for sale, so please contact me if you want to hang a piece of plywood in your living room.

Living Off the Land | 12" x 24" | $60

You are Awesome | 12" x 24" | $60

Look What the Cat Dragged In | 12" x 24" | $60

Peas & Carrots | 12" x 24" | $60


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shari said...

great photos Benj! Dayan Moore did the piece just above the photo of Jamie and Tracy. Check her out at and her company