Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stoked on Stoked

The Stoked 2 silent deck art auction at Art OMI was a big success. I was really impressed with the effort and enthusiasm people had for their projects, the event, and the proposed skatepark in Chatham.

I liked this guy Chris Stain's deck. Combo stencil, spraypaint and screenprinting.

I also liked my friend Ryan Blessing' bird deck.

And speaking of birds, this person made a birdhouse. Super creative...Lots of people were into this one. Photo: Jamie Kennard

And there's mine up top, giving love (and art) a bad name. Ha.

Jamie and Tracy came out from Woodstock! Always awesome to see these kids.

And the organizers - Mr. Kris Qua (L) and Shari Franks (R). Can't thank them enough for the opportunity and for throwing such an awesome gathering.

Here are a few pieces I did about a year ago...These are for sale, so please contact me if you want to hang a piece of plywood in your living room.

Living Off the Land | 12" x 24" | $60

You are Awesome | 12" x 24" | $60

Look What the Cat Dragged In | 12" x 24" | $60

Peas & Carrots | 12" x 24" | $60


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting Stoked

Hi everyone, and sorry for the lack of updates lately! Belinda, Charlie and I welcomed a new baby into our life back in November, and I took a break from painting for awhile...So my first new project is this skate deck I did for Stoked 2, a silent deck art auction happening at Art Omi in Ghent, NY on March 27th. 75 artists will be showing, and benefits from the auction will go towards building the Chatham Skatepark.

Here is a flier for the event...Come out if you can!